Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Shoppe!

Butterfly coasters and more!

Hippo cookie jar

handmade glass beaded earrings
Gold, Silver, Copper and Brass metals

Pyrex mugs

Artwork by Gabby Smotherman

Bird Mugs!

Avon Red Candy Dish

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pintrest my new love!

Pintrest is so neat! There are so many ideas out there and this is a great site to sign up for! It's free and very addicting! I (Gabby) had not been on in a while mostly because I have a six month old that requires a lot of attention. Since starting the shoppe I jumped back on the wagon and got to searching ideas for the shoppe and DIY projects because who can have too many of those? 

This site is very inspiring! Whoever thought of this was a genius! I am such a visual person...I cannot get enough! Check out my pinterest for the Vintgae Lilly Shoppe. Please's how you know you got a cool pin! :-) 

Did my "Like" Button Work?

Thanks to a tutorial on youtube I was able to add the "like" button for Facebook! :-)

It rained...but not on our parade!

Two new friends found their way into our store. 
This past weekend was the debut of the Vintage Lilly Shoppe at the Murfreesboro Flea Market. We did really well! The weather was gross and it rained almost all weekend but despite the weather Vintage Lilly had a great weekend! Thank you for all your support and be sure to check us out again next weekend!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lilly has gone Ape!

Actually...Monkey! Vintage Lilly will be featuring and selling handmade sock monkeys! Let's face it... who doesn't love a sock monkey?!

I (Gabby) did not grow up with a sock monkey to love. It wasn't until my college years that I first interacted with one. My roommate at Memphis Art College had a sock monkey her mother made her and I thought it was one the cutest little creatures. After my first interaction with this monkey I quickly wanted to create one for my nephew (he was just two years old at the time). I used my roommates Monkey as a reference and it sat in my studio for months. I was a very busy senior at this time and although I had great intentions for starting a sock monkey for my very loved nephew it took me almost three months do so. After I created one, I quickly started the second but became to busy and it sadly never got finished. For the remainder of my senior year, my studio was home to Claudia's childhood sock monkey, the blue sock monkey (that was going to be a gift  for my nephew) and the start of a sock monkey that was just a torso and legs. The three monkeys all sat side by side for several months and became known notoriously as the "Three Amigos" or  Claudia, Gabby and Phoebe (our third roommate aka my cat)  This inspired my roommate to create a series of paintings and drawings using sock monkeys to retell stories or childhood relationships which inspired several other bodies of work.
Artwork by  Claudia Quintero

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New in the Boro'

New Shoppe in town! Vintage Lilly will be making its debut at the Murfreesboro Flea Market  starting January 21st 2012. This new shoppe will feature a variety of merchandise including but not limited to vintage clothing and accessories, handmade jewelry, local art, vintage and vintage inspired items and decor and refaced/revamped furnishing. Come check us out at the Expo Center in Murfreesboro Tn.